A. Kutvonen's

Finnish grocery shop   Kazanskaya street 23.

Telephone N° 1863.

Recommends to the esteemed public a permanent stock:

Homemade and dairy butter.
Many different types of cheese.
Smoked lamb and beef.
Smoked venison roasts.
Ice cellar salmon from Oulu.
Whitefish and vendace roe.
Salted and lightly salted whitefish.
Vendace and Ă…land (Baltic) herring.
Boneless anchovies and sardines.
Lobster and sprat.
Gourmet, regular and economy crabs.
Many different types of crispbread from Helsinki, Waasa and Stockholm.
Rye and graham crisps.
Slow-baked bread from Ostrobothnia.
Wheat, barley, oat and “talkkuna” flours.
Rice, barley and semolina.
Beans and peas of many different kinds.
Coffee, chicory, tea and sugar.
American plums and dried apples.
Fresh rye, barley and yeast bread every day from our own bakery.

Gold medal winner

At the first All-Russia Food Exhibition
in St Petersburg in 1907.